1. I read The Dragonling and I'm starting on A Dragon in the Family. I liked the
book a lot. I read a lot of it when I was sick. It helped. I am in second grade and I want
to give a report to my class on the book. I will tell them I e-mailed you. --
Amelia, grade
2, McAlester, Oklahoma
2.Hi! My name is Lauren. My teacher read all of the The Dragonling books. We
enjoyed them so much we could not believe we finshed them. We are hoping there will
be more. Bye!--
Lauren, grade 3, Sparta, New Jersey
3."I like these books and I want all of these because I want a whole collection of
them.  I even want extras because I liked the stories so much.  I like it that I can write to
you about the books."
Michael, age 5, Herndon, VAÂ
4.Dragons are my favorite animal.  I was really excited to find A Dragon in the
on the Accelerated Reader list my first grade teacher gave me.  After reading
that book, I got help from my mom to put the other books on hold at the library.  Since
our library didn't have them, we had to use the Inter-Library Loan system and the rest of
the books came from other cities in our state.  I couldn't wait to get each book.  It was
like Christmas when they came.  I REALLY enjoyed your Zantor books, and I am SO
interested in what is going to happen with Zantor next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would REALLY
like you to write more books about
John, grade 1,
Charlotte, N.C.
5.I really enjoy your books. I only have two more to collect and I will your whole set of
Dragonling books. They are my favourite books. I read the Dragonling first, and it was
my teacher's book. It took me the day to read the first one in my free time at school. I
liked it so much that I wanted to read the whole series.      Now I can read a
Dragonling book in less than an hour. I am looking forward to reading A Dragon in the
and then Dragon Quest when I can find them in the bookstore.      I like Zantor
the dragonling and Darek the best because they saved three of the dragons from Krad
with some of their friends help.      My favourite one is
Dragons of Krad because he
saves the dragons in it.      If I could be a character in the book it would be as one of
Zantorès friends. Thanks for putting the books our for me to read.
Spencer, age 7,
Nova Scotia, Canada
6. The Dragonling was a great book.  I loved the part when Darek got to keep
Zantor.      It was very exciting, and it had taken me only three days to finish it!  I really
want to be an author when I grow up. I can't wait to read the rest of the Zantor books!  
Bye! --
Audrey, grade 1, Cincinnati, Ohio
7. The Dragonling is about a boy named Darek and a dragonling named Zantor.  
Darek's people thought the dragons were their enemies but Darek found out that they
were gentle. They only fought to protect their babies. I learned that people can make
friends with their enemies. I liked the part when Zantor thought Darek had a pouch and
put his head under Darek's shirt. I think that anybody who likes adventures will like this
Dean,age 8,Smithers,BC,Canada
8. If you like magical things and like to read than you'll love the Dragonling books!
This is a series about a boy named Darek and when he finds a baby dragon he doesn
't know what to do with it. Then he decides to keep it but for many years now their
village kills dragons to be a man. They would mostly kill Great Blue Dragons.  But
when Darek finds out that the baby dragon is a Great Blue, Darek struggles to keep it
a secret.  In the books, they go on many adventures like the Mountains of Krad, and
when Darek and his friends go on a real dragon quest.  This book is intented for
readers, grade 2 through 4.  I recommend this book for everyone.--
Nelly, Sparta ,NJ
9. Hi, my name is Ryland. I really liked the Dragonling books. If you really  like
adventures and mysteries, you will probably like these books. That's  pretty much all
I've been ready lately. My favorite character is Zantor. He  can send mind messages
and he is really strong and smart.  I have read all  the
Dragonling books, but now I'm
bored. We looked all over for some more but figured out that you hadn't written any
more. I hope you write the next book soon!--
Ryland, Grade 2, Nashville, TN
10. Hi my name is Nicki and I really like dragons so I picked this book up and
started to read. I couldn't stop reading. I finished all of the books in one day.  Zantor is
a way cool dragon. I hope to see more dragon books written by Jackie French
Nicki age 11, 5 grade
11. Dragonling is one of my favorite books and I simply cannot stop reading it.
Even though I don't have the first one, the second one really makes up for that.  After
reading the second
Dragonling, I decided to write one like it.  It's called Eternal Dragon
and I'll keep you posted on the progress.  Bye!--
Chris, Henderson,NV
12. Hi! I am soon turning 13 and I just love the Dragonling series! Even though they
are a little bit under my age group, I still enjoy reading them every now and then. If only
they weren't so short - hehe. I think this is a great book and I would recommend it to
--Nicole, age 12, Manassas, VA
13. My mother bought the first volume of the Dragonling series and I loved it! I love
dragons and I collect them. I have a fantastic statue of a blue dragon that reminds me of
the Great Blues. Zantor is really cute. I think these books are fantastic. Everyone, boys
and girls, of any age who like dragons and fantasy will love the Dragonling and other
books. I would give this book a ten out of ten.
--David, grade 5, Melbourne, Australia