The Dragonling Series has recently been reissued with in both paperback and
hardcover. The outside covers are different, but the titles, stories, and interior
illustrations remain the same!

Darek can't wait for his first Dragon Quest. Then he can be just like his older
brother, Clep, the hero who brought down a Great Blue, the largest and
fiercest of all dragons. Darek goes to admire the kill and finds a dragonling
peeking out of the giant dragon's pouch. Scared but curious, he feeds the
hungry baby and makes an unlikely friend. But to save the helpless dragonling
he must now venture into the fearsome Valley of the Dragons, risking his life to
return his friend to his own fire-breathing kind.

Ever since Darek saved Zantor the dragonling, they've become inseparable.
Darek is the only family Zantor has ever known. But now Darek is bringing
Zantor home from the Valley of the Dragons. The villagers are up in arms!
He ans his brother Clep are called traitors. Their best friends are turning
against them. Even Darek's father has been threatened for allowing the
enemy in their midst. How can Darek prove that dragons can be good
neighbors when the villagers have turned against them all?

Now that the villagers have finally accepted Darek's dragonling, they've all
fallen in love with him. Especially Rowena, the spoiled daughter of the Chief
Elder -- so much so that she wants the dragonling for her very own.

But Darek can't give him up! He and Zantor are so close that he can almost
get inside the little dragon's mind. So the Chief Elder orders Darek's father
to find another dragonling, even though a dragon mother will have to die --
and maybe some villagers too. Darek can't let that happen. But how can he
stop them... unless
he joins the Dragon Quest?

When Darek's beloved dragonling, Zantor, and his best friend, Pola,
disappear into the mists of Krad, they are given up for dead. But Darek
knows Zantor and Pola are alive. He can hear the dragonling's cries for
help, deep inside his own head. And much to his surprise, Rowena - the
cause of all the trouble - hears them, too.

Together they sneak into Krad to rescue their friends. But soon they find
Krad is even more dangerous than they'd feared. So dangerous that it may
be impossible to save anyone, even themselves...

Darek and his friends Rowena and Pola - plus three dragonlings - have
returned from Krad alive! Darek's mother is overjoyed, thinking the three
have been rescued by their fathers, who followed the children across the
Black Mountains of Krad. She's wrong, though. Darek and his friends
escaped on their own - they think. The strange thing is, they don't
remember anything about first. With the help of Zantor, Darek
soon regains some of his memory - enough to know his father is in terrible
danger. Darek has to rescue him, even though it means going back to
Krad....and risking his own life all over again.

Darek and his friends Rowena and Pola, and their fathers have all
returned from the Mountains of Krad, miraculously alive! But to their
dismay, they soon discover that their village is now ruled by Zarnak, a
power-hungry tyrant who quickly imprisons the fathers. Even worse, he
blackmails Darek and his friends into leading an invasion of Krad! Zarnak
may be getting more "help" than he bargained for, though. The funny little
Zynots and Azzon, onetime king of Krad, emerge from the mists to join
Darek, his friends, and their dragons. Soon all are engaged in a fantastic
struggle that will change their entire world....forever!