An Excerpt From
Stevie was already sprawled in front of the TV, deeply
engrossed in playing a video game. Alec went over
and shut the TV off.

"Idiot!" shrieked Stevie. He leaned over and bit Alec
on his bare leg. Alec whacked him on the head.

"Mommy!" Stevie screamed. "Alec hit me."

"He bit me first," yelled Alec.

"He shut off my game," screamed Stevie.

"Alec!" yelled his mother. "There wasn't any trouble
in there until you came down. Now cut it out."

Alec frowned. "Of course there wasn't any trouble,"
he mumbled under his breath. "You think the little
creep's gonna fight with himself?"

Stevie stuck his tongue out and put his game back on.

Alec whacked him on the back of the head again.


"I just barely touched him!"

"Alec, I'm warning you. If Stevie yells one more

Stevie turned around and grinned at Alec. "Mommy!"
he yelled.