SOMEDAY by Jackie French Koller
In the novel, SOMEDAY, Celie's home town is taken by Eminent Domain. What does
Eminent Domain mean? Look the term up and write an explanation here:
What if your town was taken by Eminent Domain to provide a reservoir for one of the larger cities in your
state? Think of what it would mean to you, your family, friends, and neighbors. Think about the elderly who
have lived in your town all their lives. Think about the buildings that would be torn down, and the familiar
places that would cease to exist. Do you think everyone in your town would be against such a move or
might some people feel the way Celie's mother felt - that it was a good chance to make a new beginning?
Debate these questions in class, then divide your class into four groups. Let one group represent the city
dwellers who need water and are in favor of taking your town. Let the second group represent city dwellers
who need water but are in favor of exploring other ways of getting it. Let the third group represent local
townspeople who are against the Eminent Domain proposal. Let the fourth group represent local
townspeople who are in favor. Prepare your arguments and set up a mock hearing, inviting another class or
some other outside group to sit in judgment and decide the fate of your town. Afterwards, discuss how it felt
to know that this decision lay in someone else's hands. Discuss whether or not Eminent Domain is good
thing. When should it be used? When should it not? How can people be sure that it is not abused?

Following this discussion, write a short story in which you are the main character and your town is being
taken by eminent domain.