Nickommoh! by Jackie French Koller, Illustrated by Marcia Sewall
1) The Native Americans depicted in Nickommoh live in New England near
Jackie French Koller. Are there any present day tribes living near you? Have
you ever visited them or attended one of their festivals? Ask your teacher if
you can plan a class trip to visit a present day Powwow.
2) If there are no present day tribes living near you, try to find out what tribes used to live in your area.
What became of them? Learn as much about them as you can. What did they eat? How did they dress?
What kind of houses did they live in? Draw a picture below of a Native American home that might have
once stood where your home now stands.
3) The Narragansett People in Nickommoh perform a give-away dance where they give away extra
things that they have to members of the tribe who are in need. Are there people in need in your
community? Why not plan a give-away festival where you and your classmates bring in useful things
that you no longer need to share with the less fortunate?