Mole and Shrew All Year Through
by Jackie French Koller
Cover by Anne Reas
Illustrations by Jon Beder
(Random House - paperback ISBN: 0-679-88666-4)
Even best friends sometimes have problems, as Mole and Shrew find out at the beginning of the year.
Shrew wants to make a "fresh start." Mole thinks they're going to make "fresh tarts." In spring, Shrew wants
to go on an Easter egg hunt. But hunting makes Mole nervous---he doesn't want to kill anything! Summer
brings a battle over parades and picnics. And the year's only half over! Only true friends like Mole and
Shrew could turn troubles into fun and laughter season after season, all year through.
Book of the Month Club Main Selection
From Booklist, February 1, 1998:  Gr. 2-3. Follow best friends Mole and Shrew throughout the year
in this collection of delightful stories. The twosome celebrate the New Year with "fresh tarts"
instead of "fresh starts"; search for egg-aliens at an Easter egg hunt; spend the Fourth of July alone
as they disagree about having a picnic or a parade; experience a disastrous but humorous
Thanksgiving; and celebrate in the shadow of a Christmas fir tree decorated with a bit of fur. The
loving friendship of the two sparkles in each of the tales. Mole's humorous misunderstandings are
reminiscent of Amelia Bedelia's; their friendship evokes that of Frog and Toad. Black-and-white
line drawings capture the whimsy and comfortable mood of each story. Although the book is printed
on marginal-quality paper, this original paperback will be a popular choice for independent readers
who are ready for longer chapter books. Copyright© 1998, American Library Association. All rights
From Horn Book:  Sometimes Mole is confused by what his friend Shrew says. For example, when
Shrew wants a fir tree for Christmas, Mole covers a tree with tufts of fur. They frequently have
misunderstandings, but they always work them out, as only best friends can do. These five humorous
stories about different holidays are accompanied by gentle black-and-white illustrations. --
Copyright © 1998 The Horn Book, Inc.