An Excerpt from
Nothing To Fear
Jackie French Koller
I'm not gonna pretend like I'm no angel or anything. I mean, I've been in trouble before. But nothing
bad. Just small-time stuff, like stealing apples from the carts down around 105th or sneaking into
the Bijou over on Lexington without paying my dime. Like I said, small-time stuff. Of course there
was that time that Maggie Riley and I dressed a rag doll up in her baby sister's clothes and threw it
off the roof. Whew! I can still feel the shallackin' I got for that one. But we were just kids then and we
didn't mean any harm. I mean, we never would've done it if we knew her Ma was sitting on the fire
escape. I felt really bad afterwards. Maggie said she'd never seen her Ma faint before, and with nine
kids I guess she must've had a scare or two in her time.