Nothing To Fear
Jackie French Koller
Harcourt Brace - Hardcover ISBN 0-15-200544 Paperback ISBN 0-15-257582-0
Historical Fiction Novel, grades 5 up: When Danny's father, hard hit by the Great Depression, leaves
home to look for work, it's up to Danny to look after his pregnant mother and baby sister.
"Rich, rewarding historical fiction." ---Kirkus
* 1992 NYPL Book for the Teen Age
* 1992 IRA Teachers' Choice
* 1993 IRA Young Adults' Choice
* 1993-94 Sequoyah Award Nominee
* 1995-96 Utah YA Award Winner
* Recommended in Jim Trelease’s Real-Aloud Handbook: In short, this is a good, old-fashioned historical
novel that grabs you right by the heart and throat and doesn’t let go for 279 pages. Set in the Depression, it
follows the travails and triumphs of a poor Irish family – especially young Danny and his mother – as they
try to hold on against all odds. This is a brilliant depiction of life in the 1930’s, but the acts of love and
courage displayed by the Garvey family are repeated daily in many families wherever poverty abides – in
any decade and in any country.
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