An Excerpt From: The Falcon
Jackie French Koller
This is the journal of Luke Carver, age 17.

I, Luke Carver, hereby start my journal.

Dear Journal,

Man, is this lame or what? A seventeen-year-old guy writing a journal. I don't even know how
to start. The whole thing is Mrs. Robinson's idea. She's making us write a practice essay for
our college applications at the end of this quarter, because we have to write one for real next
fall when we're seniors. She's making a big deal out of it because she says it's getting harder
and harder to get into college, and colleges are even more interested in essays these days
than in SAT's. So, anyhow, she came up with this journal idea. She says lots of real writers keep
journals and that they're a good way to get to know yourself and to sort out what's important to
you and stuff like that. Sounds like a chick thing to me, but she swears guys do it, too. Anyhow,
she's going to check them every day---not actually read them---but just see how much we've
written, so I guess I better write something. Trouble is, I've kind of procrastinated again. I was
supposed to be writing it all during Christmas break, and now, here it is, the night before
school starts again, and I'm just starting. Oh well. Maybe if I write a whole bunch at once she
won't notice...
Some people are so annoying. I can't believe how many kids kept up with their journals over
vacation. One girl had half a notebook full! What a little kiss-butt...