School Library Journal - April 1999
Why I wrote Bouncing on the Bed.
Booklist - February 1999
BOUNCING ON THE BED - Orchard, Illustrated by Anna
Grossnickle Hines
A rhythmic romp just right for every child who loves to
splash, run, roll, and bounce!
PreS--An energetic preschooler bounces, slides, wiggles, runs, dances, hides, cooks, sings, and
reads through the day--- and finally snuggles in bed with a hug and kiss from his parents.
Lively sun-drenched watercolor paintings on double-page spreads show an inviting
summertime world. The outdoor scenes are filled with grass and flowers as the round-faced,
blue-eyed child and his shaggy-haired dog splash through a brook and roll down a hill. The
indoor scenes are more peaceful and cozy. Each phase of the day --- waking, eating, playtime,
bathing --- is described in a short rhyme that uses the same verse form as "The Farmer in the
Dell." "Bouncing on the bed,/I'm bouncing on the bed./The sun is up,/The day is new./I'm
bouncing on the bed." (The text could be sung to the same tune, too.) With the large pictures
and the familiar activities described, this book would be a good selection for toddler time, and
the infectious rhythm of the verse will invite participation from pre-school storytime
participants.---Marian Drabkin, Richmond Public Library, CA
Ages 1--4. With simple words and clear, light-filled watercolors, this
picture book features a toddler who acts out an idyllic day, from
bouncing on the bed at sunup to snuggling down at bedtime, "happy to
be me." Each double-page spread shows a joyful activity --- sliding
down the stairs, wiggling, running, rolling, splashing, dancing, hiding,
playing, singing. Sometimes Mom and Dad are there: cooking (She stirs
the pot. I lick the spoon.") reading (("He says the words. I turn the
page.") and a small dog is in every picture ("I throw a stick. He fetches
it.") The sounds of the words with repetition and occasional rhyme are
part of the sense ("Thump, thump, thumpety") and, like Zita
Newcome's Toddlerobics (1996), this will have young preschoolers
joining in the playful movements and chanting along. ---Hazel Rochman
When my brother and his wife announced that they were expecting their first baby, our
family was very excited. We hadn't had any babies in the family in quite a few years, (mine
were all grown, but not married yet) so I started thinking about having a young child in the
family again. I thought about how busy and activity filled a young child's day is, and I
decided to write a book for my new niece or nephew that would reflect a full day of
toddler-type fun. Bouncing on the Bed is the result and I think it's a great book for moms
and dads to share with their busy toddlers. It's full of familiar sights, sounds, and activities
- following a toddler from dawn to dusk. It's a fun book to move to as well - great for getting
the "wiggles" out of a story hour crowd! You can actually sing the words to the
Farmer in
the Dell
tune. By the way, my brother's baby turned out to be a little boy named Noah, and
Noah is all grown up now, but when he was a toddler - before the book was actually
published, I was quite astonished when I saw the illustrations that Anna Grossnickle Hines
had done for the book, because even though she had never seen Noah, she drew a little
boy that looked enough like him to be his twin!