An Excerpt from The Promise:
Sara growled low in her throat. Her head was down and the hair on her back stood up on end.
"Easy, girl," I told her. "If we just stay still, maybe it'll go back the way it came."
The bear sniffed the air and gave out another grunt. Then it dropped to all fours.
Sara broke free of my grip and lunged. She charged across the clearing and challenged the bear
again, growling and snarling in its face.
"Sara! Get back here now!" I shouted, but Sara paid no heed. The bear eyed her stupidly for a while,
just swaying slowly side to side as if wondering what to make of her. She charged in close, and the
bear tossed its head and growled low and threateningly.
"Sara, come back!" I shouted again.
Sara trotted back to me at last, but it was too late. She'd gone and got the bear all riled up. It was
loping across the clearing straight toward us!