An Excerpt from
Mole and Shrew Are Two
by Jackie French Koller
illustrated by Ann Reas
The ball at Mouse Manor is the social event of the year," said Shrew.
Everybody who is anybody is invited." She hugged her invitation
happily. "I must go and accept," she said. Then she dashed up her
walk and into her house.

Mole stared after her. "Everybody who is
anybody," he repeated.

Mole turned and hurried home. He got there just as the postman
was walking away. Mole looked into his mailbox.

It was empty.

"Wait!" cried Mole, running after the postman. "Please wait!"

The postman stopped and waited for Mole to catch up.

"Is there a blue envelope with silver writing for
me?" Mole asked.

The postman looked through his fat pack of blue envelopes.

"Nope," he said. "No blue envelope for Mole."

"Oh dear," said Mole. He turned away and walked slowly home.

Mole looked at himself in his front hall mirror.

"Hello Mole," he said.

Nobody answered.

"Oh dear," said Mole.

He yelled his name out the front door.

Nobody came.

Mole called louder.

Still, nobody came.

Mole rushed outside and ran all the way to Shrew's house. He
banged on her door.

"Shrew," he said breathlessly, "may I use your phone?"

"Why, of course," said Shrew. "Is something wrong?"

"I'm afraid so," said Mole.

He dialed his own number.

"Oh dear, oh dear," he mumbled.

"Whatever is the matter?" asked Shrew.

"I just called myself up," said Mole, "and
nobody answered."

Shrew looked at him oddly. "So?" she said.

"Don't you see?" said Mole. "I'm