Don't you just love holidays?

I know I do. I guess that's why I love to
write books about holidays. I hope
you'll add some of the following books
to your holiday reading list this year!

At a crowded mall filled with holiday shoppers, Alec stops to
help a poor old bag lady. In return, she presses a strange coin
into his hand. "It will grant you one wish," she tells him. "Use it
wisely."  Alec doesn't believe a word of it - until in a fit of anger
he wishes his little brother was never born!
The Promise

It's the first Christmas since Matt's mother has died, and Matt,
his little brother Jamie, and their Pa are trying to make the
best of it.  When Matt and his beloved Labrador Retriever,
Sara, set out to hang suet balls for the birds, just as Ma would
have done, they are surprised by a hungry bear. In the
frightening adventure that follows, Matt remembers his
mother's words, "Some things you just got to take on faith." It
is time for Matt to put his faith to the test.

It is Taquontikeeswush, the moon of the falling leaves. The
creator's gifts have been harvested and tucked away to
provide for the People through the long winter months
ahead. It is time now, time for the people to come together
and give thanks.

In prose with the cadence of a drumbeat, the author reveals the
the rhythms of Narragansett life. Almost hypnotic in their
power, art and text are infused with the communal spirit of
Thanksgiving.---Publisher's Weekly Starred Review
Mole and Shrew All Year Through

Nobody loves the holidays more than Mole and Shrew. With
this collection of five seasonal stories you can celecrate the
holidays with Mole and Shrew All Year Through!
The Disney Channel TV Movie, YOU WISH, was inspired by IF I
HAD ONE WISH! Watch it on Disney Plus! Click on
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