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THE PROMISE- Orchard Books, Illustrated by Jacqueline
Rogers, 80pp, ages 7up
It's Matt's first Christmas without his mother, and he is doing
everything he can to keep her traditions alive, from decorating
the Christmas tree with pokeberry candles to asking Pa to tell
the story of the Christmas miracle when animals were given
the power of speech. When a hungry bear comes out of
hibernation and surprises Matt and his Labrador retriever,
Sara, in the forest, Matt escapes up a tree, but while defending
him, Sara is mauled by the frustrated bear. Matt must get help
for his beloved dog; the only problem is that snow is coming
and he is completely lost. Suddenly, he hears a voice telling
him the way. Is it Sara's? Or is it Ma's? Before Matt will leave, he
makes Sara promise she'll be alive when he returns. This
jewel of a novel from acclaimed author Jackie French Koller
beautifully portrays the loving bond between a boy and his dog.
A Scholastic Book Club Selection for Fall 2000
This novel shines with simplicity and grace--Publishers Weekly
The short length, fast pace, and simple language make this a fine bridge for new
chapter-book readers, at Christmastime or anytime--School Library Journal
Mole and Shrew Are Two, from Random House, illustrated by Ann Reas
Gr. 2-3. One day Mole literally drops into Shrew's house, right through the wall, as he
has accidentally burrowed through. His home has been overtaken by overbearing
relatives, so he needs to escape. Shrew offers to help him find a new home, mostly
to get him out of her house. Much to her chagrin, Mole selects a new home quite
close to Shrew's. eventually she learns to see his charm. Mole is given to taking
figures of speech quite literally, causing much consternation when he is invited to
join Shrew at a fancy affair requiring black tie and tails. The final portion of the book
is a riff along the lines of "who's on first," because Mole is concerned that "nobody"
likes him. Illustrated with fairly detailed pencil drawings, this charming early chapter
book has just enough silliness to provoke the giggles.---
Children's Literature
A Book of the Month Club Main Selection
The Dragonling Series from Archway Minstrel
Illustrated by Judith Mitchell
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"This marvelous cycle of books about the bond between a boy and his dragon fits snugly between early
chapter books and traditional fantasy for children. Wonderfully well written, and with the deepest respect
for its characters...epic and adventurous in scope..." --Walter the Giant Storyteller
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